About Us

Nothing brings people together like sharing food at the table. Worries are pushed aside to make room for stories and mouthwatering cooking among family and friends both old and new. At STIX Eatery, we deliver the perfect environment for any gathering. Enjoy the comfort and vibrancy of our traditional Southeast Asian cooking in the contemporary ambiance of our restaurant.

Our Food

Walk through the bustling streets of many a Southeast Asian-city and you'll find your senses bombarded by the aromas, vibrancy, and the variety of food available. Southeast Asian countries are known for their spiced-infused flavors, perfectly balanced by the use of brighter ingredients like ginger or lime. The use of chili for heat and tamarind for tartness bring a pleasant tang to the cuisine and leaves you wanting more.

The STIX Eatery menu composition: 40% skewers, 60% non-skewer deliciousness, and 100% delectable. As our name suggests, we focus heavily on grilling succulent, well-seasoned meat on sticks. However, in no way does that mean we neglect the quality of the other 60% of our cuisine. We simply want to give our customers as many options as possible--because who doesn't like variety when it comes to food?

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